Livecut/Fire preset bug fixed

I think I’ve found one reason that could explain why presets are not recalled correctly in the current version of Fire and Livecut.

There’s a very silly bug in program export but not in bank export.

It produces something like that:

[preset]name="your preset name here"

instead of:

name="your preset name here"

you can download the new version from theirs respective page, I’ve kept the same download name.

AudioUnit users, If you have some aupresets made with the previous Livecut 0.9 version, the better is to delete them from your preset folder.

From the tests I’ve made so far, preset/banks load/save correctly on PC and Mac, VST and AU. And saving/restoring with the host song too.

Have fun!

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KVR Developper challenge: I’m 3rd!!!


the kvraudio developper challenge, ended yesterday evening and the results are now public.

I got the 3rd place!!

thanks to everyone that voted for me. and to all the other developpers.
Please have a look at all the entries, many are really worth it. and they’re all free.

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LiveCut and Fire now works as AU on MacIntel

LiveCut 0.9 VST/AU macosx UniversalBinary
Fire VST/AU macosx UniversalBinary

The AudioUnit versions now works on MacIntel.

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AU bug on MacIntel finally found


I’ve finally found the bug that made the AudioUnit version of Livecut and Fire crash on MacIntel.

I’ll make a release as soon as I have some extra time to compile, test, package and upload these to the web site.

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Fire (kvr developer challenge)

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I’ve entered the kvr developer challenge my entry is called Fire.
And I winned the 3rd place.

It’s a sort of multitap delay with panning and controllable morphing between settings.
Instead of controlling each echo separately, there’s a bunch of parametrized functions that you can use to generate various kinds of effects from weird reverb to bouncing delays to sonic textures.

Fire VST win32
Fire VST/AU macosx UniversalBinary

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