I intended to provide a set of midi tools to help composition and music generation. I’ve used the “MIDI gain” example that can be downloaded at musicdsp as a base for the controler mapper. These plugins register themselves as midi sources. With Cubase SX, the Midi tracks have to be set to monitor so that you can receive MIDI.

A MIDI plugin intended to generate random spaced notes according to a specified random distribution (now exponential only). You can set the maximum duration between 2 notes until 1 second but avoid values around 0 because it will overload your CPU. For now it is monophonic only and never stops outputting MIDI. In the future it should be polyphonic and act as a pseudo arpeggiator. Please give me feedback if you find it useful or if you want me to add new features.

This plugin analyses the incoming audio signal to extract its envelope which is converted into MIDI continuous controler. I should add parameters to change the size of the analysis window and the type of enveloppe detection.

This could help people using plugins who doesn’t support MIDI learn and/or hardware controlers that haven’t presets. Only one controler can be mapped for now.

midi tools vst win32
env2midi vst osx

Just uncompress them to your plugins directory and have fun ;-)

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