This is a bunch of “tools” (seems like I have a predilection for bundles…) intended to process stereo streams but focusing on middle and side instead of left and right.

The idea is *really* simple but the effects can be subtle and powerful.

::msEncode and msDecode::
These to ones are just converters mapping M -> L and S -> R so that you can put your own effects between the coder and the decoder. The effects below are just some hard-coded ones.

This one uses the same compression algorithm as my “classic” compressor, but focus on the Middle signal without touching at the Side. A typical use of this effect is to boost a mix without touching at the stereo image.

2 separate gains for the Middle and side signals.

it just swap the Middle and Side. You can use it before msComp if you want to compress the side instead of the Middle.

This is a simplified version of analog delay that you can use to delay either the middle or the side.

vst win32
vst osx

Just uncompress them to your plugins directory and have fun ;-)

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