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Greed available for mac users

I finally took the time to release an old plugin of mine called Greed It’s only available for mac at the moment.

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the Fre(a)koscope is coming….

I’ve slightly modified Bram’s S(m)exOscope to display the Spectrum instead of the waveform thus the name Fre(a)koscope. here are some pictures showing how it will look like:

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FFT tools vol 1

These plugins are intended to constitute a spectral sound-design toolbox. Most of them are inspired by image processing techniques as you can find in photoshop for example. I’ve used the FFTReal class by Laurent De Soras that can be downloaded … Continue reading

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FFT tools vol 2

In preparation: pixelize pixelize the fft bins and spectral bit-crushing Shift translate the spectrum inharmonically Scale pitchshifter Reorder Freezer freezes the magnitude, let the phase as is Whisperizer add noise to the phase SpektralFilter slows spektral envelope evolution Cell Cellular … Continue reading

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